Keeping the Dream Alive

August 27, 2013 — Leave a comment



Fifty years ago this week, two individuals peacefully fought for freedom by raising their powerful voices during the August 28th, 1963 March on Washington.

Today, a husband and wife team employs their gifts to keep that dream alive for the next generation.

Andrea Davis Pinkney, an award winning author, who strives to fill the gaps in children’s literature with books that celebrate the African- American community, and Brian Pinkney, a Caldecott Honor illustrator, have created another stunning book.


Martin & Mahalia is the story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the legendary gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson. You can hear her amazing voice and learn more about her life and work from  the Official Web Site of the Mahalia Jackson Residual Family Corporation.

The art and words bring to life the parallel and intersecting paths of Martin and Mahalia as they both use their gospel gift and voice to fight unjust practices. It also shares the little known story of how during the rally, Mahalia shouted to Martin to tell the crowds about his dream. So he deviated from his script and the rest is history.

To learn more about this story and the making of the book click on Entertainment Weekly’s family blog to read an interview with the Pinkneys.

And stay tuned for ways to keep the dream alive.



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