About Sam Kane’s Corner


Sam Kane I am an empathy curator both in today’s sense when I seek, evaluate, connect and share content for parents, educators and others who want relevant resources to teach empathic problem solving for an interdependent world. I’m also an empathy curator in the medieval way that  clergy took care of souls. I do it one story at a time. Sharing stories broadens horizons and builds bridges of curiosity, collaboration, and community. I have seen stories weave magic during my twenty years of parenting, teaching, being a K-8 librarian, a diversity group facilitator, and children’s book writer. So I never tire from matching people and stories and witnessing the transformation of connection. I hope you grab a seat and join me in this journey.



Thursdays I cropped-ripples21.jpgpost in “I matter.” This is where I share my personal journey as an educator, a library teacher, a writer,  a reader, and as global being who is still learning to see my unconscious biases and my limited perspectives when it comes to knowing and understanding EVERYONE’S story.

The fourth Friday of the month are chances for you to post in “You matter.” This is the chance for us to collaborate as a community of people who are willing to explore these issues honestly and openly so that we can all learn from each others stories and journeys.

Tuesday I offer information in one of the following categories: “We all matter,” “Earth Matters,” “Curriculum Matters,”  “Leaders Matter,” “Media Matters,” “Tech Matters,”  “Empathy Matters,” and “Writing Matters”.

“We all matter” explores multiple perspectives focusing on cultural identifiers such as race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and ability.

 “Earth matters” investigates sustainability. “Curriculum Matters” covers lessons, units, themes and research skills to create critical problem solvers. “Leaders Matter” looks at current, past, and future leaders. “Media Matters” focuses on being an informed consumer of media. “Tech Matters” teaches new tech tools and strategies for digital citizenship. “Empathy Matters” examines … “Writing Matters” delves into finding a voice. “Beauty Matters” basks in ways to break a gray day.